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Innovative & high-quality solutions to improve health and wellbeing for women.

Stragen Vietnam

Stragen Vietnam was established in 2015. Since then, it has built a strong presence on the Vietnamese market and is in a great position to fulfil the company’s vision to become one of Vietnam’s key players in the field of women’s intimate health. In order to achieve this, Stragen Vietnam works in close collaboration with the target market and the Stragen global team in Switzerland to develop products to enable women to live life to the fullest at every age.

Stragen Vietnam’s vision is to modernise the field of women’s intimate health in Vietnam. For over 5 years, our company has been investing in women’s health in order to develop health products that deliver the unmet needs of our Vietnamese customers. This has led to the innovation of a range of products that help to promote the wellbeing of women.

Stragen Vietnam
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Focusing on innovation for health solutions since 1990, Stragen is a global player in the development, registration and distribution of Generic drugs, Consumer Health products and Original drugs. Starting as a small API trading platform 30 years ago in Geneva, Switzerland, today Stragen operates in over 60 markets through a network of dynamic and collaborative partners, employing over 150 people and working with 10 dedicated affiliates worldwide.

As a result of decades of experience and expertise in R&D, combined with our continuous commitment to advancing public health, we invest in the fundamental research through to the delivery of innovative and trusted health solutions to address unmet medical needs.

We focus on three core activities:

  • Rx Products
  • Consumer Health Products
  • Original Drugs Development

Our specialized and passionate scientific team consistently operates under the latest quality standards to deliver Swiss tailor-made solutions with the final product 100% manufactured in Europe.

At Stragen, we understand that business models need to be reinvented to work within our competitive and fast-changing environment of the Pharma industry. We have identified how we can positively diversify our activities beyond the historical development and licensing out of Generic+ products, to the development of Consumer Health products as well as the development through to proof of concept of patented new drugs.


At Stragen, we aspire to be one of the leading innovative partners in health. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. It is the core function that drives our passionate employees to bring to market high quality innovative drugs and consumer health products. Through our entrepreneurial approach and 30 years of R&D know-how, we have developed a wide range of new products and created opportunities in more than 60 countries.

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